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We offer a wide range of training from compulsory basic training (CBT), for anyone looking for a cheap form of transport, to 125cc and direct access training, for anyone who wants to obtain their full motorcycle licence. We also offer advance training for riders who want to improve their riding skills and refresher training for riders getting back into biking after a number of years.

All our training is available 7 days a week.

At On 2 Wheels Motorcycle Training, our instructors, train to high standard on well maintained motorcycles. Our instructors will give you their undivided attention, knowledge and guidance to help you gain the relevent skills to keep you safe on today’s roads. They will also ensure you feel relaxed and you enjoy your training with on 2 wheels motorcycle training.

Our training takes place in the relaxed environment of our new training room based at our training school on wrexham industrial estate. Also at our large off-road training site, this is situated at the club house, Oak Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Our training takes place in the relaxed environment of our training room based at our centre on Wrexham Industrial Estate. Also at our large off road training site, where you will gain confidence with your riding ability.