125cc ( A1 )

unitbikes-300x225On2Wheels offer friendly safe 125cc training 7 days a week at our Wrexham center and all surrounding areas.

125cc Training:

After you have completed CBT, you can then go on for further training to gain your full A1 licence.

Training for the A1 licence must be taken on a bike between 121cc and 125cc and you must also be 17 or over.
When you have obtained your A1 licence, you will be able to ride up to 125cc, which is no more than 14.6bhp.


  • Our training is taken on well maintained honda cg125cc
  • Safety equipment available
  • Instructor/pupil ratio 2:1
  • Training available 7 days a week
  • training1-300x225Evening and intensive courses available

To gain your licence you will need:

  • Valid CBT certificate
  • Driver’s licence, with valid entitlement
  • Motorcycle theory pass certificate
  • Module 1 test
  • Module 2 test

When you have held your A1 licence for a minimum of 2 years, you have the option of taking your A2 licence. For this you would need to retake your Module 1 and Module 2 tests and further training on a 500cc to qualify for your A2 licence, to enable you to ride up to 46.7bhp.

Our training is available 7 days a week. Why nor ring and book now. Tel: 01978 664470 | Mob: 07742214436